27 February 2017

More choice for you after home care changes

From today the Australian Government is implementing changes that will mean people with home care packages will have more choice and control over the provider they use.

The changes mean if you are an existing home care client for another provider and want to change to Clarence Estate Home Care you will be able to make this transition.

People often prefer us because we have strong local ties in Albany, Denmark and the surrounding areas and offer high-quality services that are based around what people want.

We know how important it can be to have care workers you know and trust in your home, and in most cases we are able to organise for you to be visited by regular carers you are comfortable with.

You will be able to transfer the balance of your funds to us and we will work with your existing provider to ensure that this is seamless.

We do not charge exit fees to our clients, but many other providers do. This is deducted from your total package funds. If you are with another provider and are unsure if there is an exit fee, you are always able to ask.

If you are happy with your existing provider and don’t want to change, but are wanting some good information about home care to assist you in making better choices about your package, we can give you advice whenever you need. Learn how you can make it work for you.

If you are thinking about making the switch to Clarence Estate Home Care, contact us today