Our home or yours

The benefits of offering both home and residential care is that we can be flexible to your needs, and support you to move back and forward between either option as much as you would like us to.

When we talk about Clarence Estate, it is more than describing an aged care facility - it is an aged care philosophy.

We are absolutely committed to delivering you the services that you want in your own home or in ours.

Whether you want care in your own home, care in ours, or the choice of being able to move seamlessly between the two options as needed, we will find a way to make this work for you.

A partner, not a provider

When you choose Clarence Estate, you are selecting someone that will work as your partner in care and not just the provider of your care.

Our aim is to keep you healthy, safe and well in your own home or in ours.

Contact us to discuss the services that you are looking for, and we will find a way to help