Respite and Day Centre Options

Caring for yourself is as important as caring for your loved one, and sometimes we all need a break.

If you care for an older person and need to take some time to go away on a holiday or take a break for a few hours at short notice, then we have many options to provide support for as long as you need.

If they are currently getting services on a home care package or as a veteran, we can look at different options for including respite in as part of these programs.

You have the option of arranging respite yourself through us outside of a program, and we will ensure that we design a program that you meets your needs and your budget. 

Review the options below, and then let us know what type of program you think would suit you and your loved one.

Respite for a few hours

If you need a few hours away, we can arrange someone to come in as long as you need. They can assist your loved one to get ready, prepare meals, or assist with any other task that the person relies on you to do. You might even want someone to come in and keep them company while you are away.

We can arrange this type of cover for you as a one-off service, or even book in some time on a regular basis.

Day centres

If you are looking for a group activity or outing for your loved one to join while you take some time away, then we can arrange this for you along with getting them there and home if needed. We put information about upcoming activities and events here.

We could also include some time to assist your loved one with bathing, dressing and getting ready to go out for the day and then later on getting ready for bed that night if needed.

Overnight respite in your home

We can arrange someone to stay overnight with your loved one to ensure that they have someone to assist them if any need should arise.

Respite for a weekend or more

If you need to be away from your loved one for a few days, then we can design a care program that is suitable for the level of support they need in the home.

Respite in Clarence Estate

If you are going away for a longer period of time and your loved one needs support around the clock, you might consider a short stay at Clarence Estate.

Clarence Estate is an extra services facility, and can accommodate the needs of low to high level residential care. If we do not have an available bed at Clarence Estate, then we will assist you to find a suitable alternative.

The Commonwealth Carer respite Centre may be able to assist with funding respite and can be contacted on 1800 052 222.

Enquire now as to how we can assist you with your respite needs