Home modifications

Whether you are planning ahead for your future needs or have a new walker or wheelchair to accommodate now in your home, give us a call to plan out what modifications might be needed.

Examples of how you might need to modify your home:

  • Adding ramps to your entries to ease your entry into your home
  • Widening doorways for easy access for a wheelchair, walker or frame
  • Lowering the position of door knobs so that you can reach them
  • Re-positioning furniture around your home to make things easier to access
  • Removing any unnecessary furniture to make it easier to move around your home
  • Adding a bathroom or bedroom downstairs if you can no longer move easily up your stairs

Changing rooms

Depending on the layout of your home, you might prefer to change the bedroom that you sleep in or the bathroom that you use to assist your mobility or to increase the convenience.

For example, if your bedroom is on the second floor of your two-storey home and you have started to find it difficult to go up the stairs, then it may be a good idea now to relocate to a bedroom on the ground floor while you are still managing. If a suitable bedroom is available downstairs, then we may could assist you by moving all your furniture, clothes and personal items to the new room and ensuring that this is set-up for you to go to bed that night.

The move might be more complicated if there are any renovations required – for example, your new bedroom may not have access to bathroom facilities or you might need to consider whether a living or dining area could be converted to a bedroom if more space is needed. Where more extensive renovation is required, we can assist you with what the next steps will be to address these needs.

Small changes, big improvement

You may not need to change rooms or make any extensive changes, but you may be able to improve your home for you needs by making small changes to the furniture.

Your bed

If your bed is too high to get into comfortably, we choose a new one that will work for you. Or you might have difficulty making a double bed, but if we replaced this with a single bed for you it would be a lot easier for you to manage on your own.

Your chair

We could assist you to choose a comfortable recliner to use each day that is comfortable and suited to your needs. You might find it more comfortable to keep your feet elevated, and there are chairs that can assist you to get up and sit down much easier.

Arranging home modifications services

Home care package client

If you have a home care package, we can make home modifications a part of your budget through the funds available to you in your package.

If you are with another provider, then we can work with them to ensure that you get this service within your package funds.

Private clients

We can arrange this as part of a structured weekly program if there are other needs that you would like assistance with as well. Our staff all have current and clear national police clearances and are experienced in providing home maintenance services, and if additional expertise is required from a trade them we will contract to services that we trust to do the work for a fair price.

You do not need to commit yourself to anything beyond the one-off service, just book us in whenever you would like some assistance or schedule in advance if you would prefer, or even just to do an assessment of your home and how it could better work for you.

Contact us to discuss how you can get started with our home modification service